Knee to Hip Pain Treatment Video Testimonial

Shoulder Pain

Hi Peter,

Here is my testimonial.

Peter was recommended to me by a friend who had been treated by him for shoulder pain.

I had very sore feet due to arthritic big toe joints and found it painful to walk. My very first treatment relieved the pain instantly! I was able to walk without pain straight away. I have subsequently had a course of treatment to resolve the more deep seated issues in this area, and to treat an old knee injury.

I find that Peters approach to treating the whole body, and restoring balance to the body in its entirety, is a extremely effective healing method. It makes sense to me that if one part of the body is out of balance it will inevitably impact on the body as a whole. In a world where great reliance is placed on modern pills and potions to heal specific issues it is reassuring to find someone who has the skill to heal without these things and by bringing the body back in to balance.

Peters treatments are tailored to meet the requirements of each individual, and the results, for me, prove that this works very well.

Many thanks Peter.


Adrenal Fatigue

I had been unwell for several months with stress, fatigue, stomach problems,balance and was unable to get any satisfaction from three different doctors. By accident I discovered Peter Choi, an acupuncturist who diagnosed my problem as adrenal fatigue.

This was such a relief to me and after a series of treatment and advice I'm feeling in control of my life again. Peter is a warm thoughtful practitioner and I have been so grateful for his understanding of my problem. I would recommend acupuncture treatment with such an excellent therapist. My body is back in balance....

Most grateful-Thank you Peter. David and Dorothy- Bay Of Plenty

Accident Recovery

 I am at the beginning of my journey with Peter and already have noticed a huge shift in balance within my body..  within one acupuncture treatment there was an instant decrease in my acute pain level;  Also my digestion (because of long term pain medication) has noticeably improved. Peter relays the complexity's of the human body and your healing plan  in 'layman's' terms so that you understand.. moving forward .  Thankyou Peter your a good man..

Parris - A1 Sports Massage, Tauranga

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Arthritis, Insomnia, Dry Eye, Night Sweats

It is with pleasure I am writing this testimonial for Peter Choi, a professionally qualified acupuncturist practitioner, and proprietor of the Tauranga Acupuncture Clinic.

I am a woman in my late 50’s, and was suffering from dry eye syndrome, arthritis in my hips, night sweats and insomnia.  Above all else I had had surgery for the release of carpel tunnel in my left hand and as a consequence of that surgery, I had developed complex regional pain syndrome in my hand and arm.  My fingers were painful, swollen and stiff and I could not make a fist; the hand was useless. I was taking drugs for pain, and for the resulting nerve damage, and after 7 months of intensive physiotherapy I had not made any significant progress with my hand. The situation with my hand was debilitating; the other aliments were a nuisance factor.

As Peter had successfully treated my sister for a shoulder injury, she recommended that I drive down (a return journey of 900 km) to see Peter to determine if he could assist me with regaining the use of my hand.  I made a series of appointments to see Peter over the course of a week.

From the very first appointment, Peter’s treatment was nothing short of miraculous.  

The arthritis pain in my hips was eliminated instantly, and 10 months on has not returned.  

The dry eye syndrome which had seen me putting eye drops in my sore, gritty eyes every 2 hours and then ointment every night before bedtime was cured. 

I started to sleep better each night.

My night sweats have disappeared.

Best of all, the pain in my hand was gone instantly! And I could close my hand! The swelling has gone, and I have good functionality of my hand back.

Peter uses traditional Chinese acupuncture as well as bridging Japanese acupuncture techniques. He has a quiet, peaceful demeanour, and his healing is simply amazing.  I have happily referred many friends to Peter, whose aliments have included knee injuries, clinical depression, arthritis, back pains, stress, grief, and neck and shoulder pain. All have benefited positively from the treatments Peter Choi has provided. 

I highly recommend that if you're experiencing any of the myriad of body problems occurring from daily life, or getting older, or if you are seeking relief from pain, tension, stress, then please strongly consider acupuncture as a serious alternative to conventional medicine.  I am convinced you will be as pleased as I was with the results. Your health and ability to live and enjoy your life is a choice.  Choose wisely.  Chose Peter Choi.

I have given Peter permission to provide my phone number and contact details to any person who wants me to qualify this testimonial.

Judith C - Northland


My sixty minutes with Peter Choi is my ’Happy Hour’.

I am delighted that acupuncture with Peter is specifically tailored for both my physical and mental well being. I am confident knowing my constantly changing life situations are in master hands. I know that when I face menopause it will be immediately addressed and I just won’t be doing the whole hot flushes thing.

In the beginning Peter treated a very serious burn on my hand. A top surgeon in Tauranga had told me that without physio, I might lose the use of my thumb due to keloid scarring. Peter needled my burn and I watched it heal within hours! I kid you not. Now one would be hard pressed to even notice the scar.

 I am aware of other people who were given up upon or failed by pharmaceutical practitioners and I’m sure their story will appear here somewhere.

Peter is genuinely a nice man plus his CV and achievements are astounding. We benefit from his depth of knowledge and years of top-level practice and experience.


Joanne Mt Maunganui

 Anxiety - Nausea - Back Pain

I found Peter on the web when I started to look for a more traditional acupuncturist. I had been searching for help that did not involve taking medications.     I was impressed with the testimonials and felt that Peter would be able to help me.

 I have suffered from anxiety, stomach upsets, nausea and back pain and have been unable to get lasting relief.  

 Peter has given me relief from the anxiety, stomach upsets and nausea and I have increased flexibility in my lower back and hip

.Peter is a kind man and I felt safe in his care and have embarked on a journey of healing with him.

Peter has also treated my husband who had stiffness and pain after a hip replacement.  He gained instant relief and has not looked back.

Janet and Selwyn - Tauranga


I was referred to Peter by a friend he had helped with a tinnitus problem. I had been to other alternative practitioners to help with my problem including Chiropractic, Counselling and Homeopathy all of which had given me some relief but not to a huge extent.

I definitely did not want to take any drugs. I had a history of a couple of years of anxiety which was becoming worse and making my day to day life very problematic. I also had back and pelvic pain. At the very first consultation with Peter I felt at ease and was relieved to hear that he could definitely help. Peter has an extremely caring nature and is easy to talk to.

He has a wide range of knowledge in his field and is sure to discuss the treatment he feels is needed and any changes that are needed as your condition changes. I am sure that each of his clients would feel the same way as he is very in tune with peoples needs. He is very reassuring and always happy to answer any questions that may arise about your condition.

I am so pleased I was able to find Peter as he has been instrumental in helping me get through this difficult time. I have and will continue to recommend him to people in the future.

Heather Casey

CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)

Peter has been treating me with acupuncture for a long-term lung condition and recently for CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). Throughout the course of my treatment Peter has been thorough and caring about my situation. I have noticed a steady improvement in my CRPS symptoms, and my lung condition has cleared up as my body is returning into a more normal balance. On a fun note I call him ‘Saint Peter’ as he works wonders for me in improving my well-being.

Thanks so much Peter

Blessings Julie Denniston.

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